Links between alcoholic drinks and dementia

Links between alcoholic drinks and dementia
Links between alcoholic drinks and dementia

Links between alcoholic drinks and dementia

New links between alcoholic drinks and dementia are the subject of new research. A 30-year study was conducted by the University of California. Furthermore, it alleges people over 65 who drink up to 3 alcoholic drinks a day may actually benefit! Additionally, they may not suffer dementia or other cognitive impairments in older age.

The Authors

One of the lead authors is Dr Linda McEvoy. Moreover, the study was conducted over more than 1,000 middle-class, white, men and women in California. Further, recent research has linked alcohol intake to longevity. Queen Elizabeth II, who is 90 years old, is believed to consume up to four alcoholic beverages a day.

The Statistics

Estimates suggest that by 2050, the world population is expected to grow by 350% for people over the age of 85. Correspondingly, this applies a societal burden upon the population. Furthermore, the important thing is to ensure quality-of-life for older adults. Therefore, creating imperative identifying factors could provide healthier longevity.

However, the researchers issued a warning about the excessive intake of alcohol. They indicated it is known to cause alcohol-related dementia. Furthermore, it can lead to disease and serious health problems.

The vulnerable subjects are adolescents, pregnant women and people with substance use disorders. However, healthy adults may enjoy health benefits from moderate alcohol intakes. These may include longer lifespans and also cognitive health benefits.

For more information on this study, you can download the research article at

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