3 things to consider when choosing aged care facilities in Camberwell, Victoria

3 things to consider when choosing aged care facilities in Camberwell, Victoria | Aged Care Weekly

There are many reputable aged care facilities in Camberwell, Victoria. However, if you’re planning to find your perfect aged care facility, be sure to plan for the following things.

1- What type of care do you need in Camberwell, Victoria – Dementia, respite, high/low care?

Do you require Dementia or memory care? Are you needing high care nursing or low care aged care? Only a few facilities provide dementia and memory care, respite or high care nursing. So if you’re apprehensive about the safety and security of a loved one, or your own, you need to ensure that the aged care facility has experience in providing Dementia, Respite, Palliative, High Care and Low Care Aged Care. To locate an aged care facility which provides these services, contact us.

2 – How will you get around in Camberwell, Victoria?

In Camberwell, you can find most Aged Care Services within a 5km radius.

How are you planning to get around? Does the aged care facility in Camberwell have a straightforward transport service? For example, Camberwell Gardens provides residents with a free minivan for moving about in during the day. This means that residents can be driven to the shops or join in on day trips! For most elderly residents, this is a better solution to driving themselves.

Camberwell Junction is one of the most elderly friendly shopping areas in Melbourne

Also, is your aged care facility easily accessible to your family members and loved ones? If they are using public transport, there is plenty about. For example, in the heart of Camberwell, you will find both the Train Station and several Metropolitan tram routes. This makes Camberwell a very convenient location if you live in Canterbury, Kew, Hawthorn or Glen Iris. Plus, Camberwell Junction is one of the most elderly friendly shopping areas in Melbourne.

3 – Does the facility in Camberwell, Victoria provide for social and religious preferences?

Do you have social and religious compatibility with the aged care facility you’re looking at? If spirituality is a priority for you, find an aged care facility in Camberwell that echoes your beliefs. Facilities should provide you with opportunities to practice your faith with guidance, support and pastoral care. Additionally, if you’re hoping to meet new friends look for a community focussed provider. That is, find an engaging community with a wide selection of weekly events and activities. These will enable you to do make the most of every day whilst respecting your values and interests.

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