What a 5km run, a 90-year old and the recruitment process have in common


I was recently chatting with a girlfriend of mine with two kids under 3, and she told me that she was considering running a 5km race in a few months time. Her youngest is only 6 months and all I could think of was, ‘Are you crazy?’ I’m in my 30’s but regularly feel like I’m in my 90’s when my kids come and wake me in the morning and can barely run to the kettle.

Of course, I knew what was coming next and I was dreading it…. ‘Want to come join me?’ Ugh. She knows I am not a runner (barely a jogger!) but the more I mulled over it the more excited I got. If she could do it, maybe I could too? I said I’d think about it.

By the time I got her “No pressure!” text the next day, I had been obsessing over the challenge in my mind. It had gone from an ‘Are-you-outta-your-mind?’ idea into a ‘Let’s get this party started’ mentality. My enthusiasm was growing and like a bower-bird with a shiny gem in its sights, I was off!

I replied to her text, “Let’s do it!”

Sure – I can run, can’t I?

“The only thing that’s ever stopping me doing something new or bold is me.”

That evening, I attempted my first 5km run to test my skills – or lack thereof. I managed to run 1.5km of the 5km distance and walked the rest. Not bad, considering I hadn’t even entertained the thought of running (let alone long distance) up until this point.

I don’t know if you believe in synchronicity, but I’ve seen in my life (many times over), how when you make a decision to do something, life brings you people, opportunities, books or other information to support you – or provide further inspiration.

Right on cue, life delivered.

One evening after I committed myself to the run, I stumbled across a show called, The Pacemakers on the ABC (and, no, this is not sponsored!). The program is a story about a group of men aged over 90 who are training to compete in the World Masters Championships.

Sorry, what?! I had to double-take. They look terrific for their age; they’re quirky, hilarious and competitive. Witnessing their chutzpah gave me another reason to give this run my all. #IfTheyCanDoItSoCanI


I woke up the next morning feeling pretty motivated. It reminded me of the time when I came across Lyn Slaters Accidental Blog and read about, Susan the Icy Water Superhero.

“The only thing that’s ever stopping me doing something new or bold is me.”

Nice story, what’s the point?

I’ve shared this story because it applies heavily to the recruitment process.

Don’t let age or past experiences define what you are capable of. Rather than look at a role and think to yourself, ‘I’m too old’, ‘I’m not experienced enough’, or ‘I don’t tick all the boxes’, think about where you want to be.

  • What job do you want?
  • Where do you want your career to take you? (Regardless of your stage of life)
  • Where are you now?
  • What steps do you need to take to get you to your end goal (short and long term)?

For me, with some regular training, focus and a plan of action being put toward running 5km, I know all of my actions leading up to the race will be aligned with this goal. I’ve tested where I’m at now and I know where I need to (and want to) go.

We all have the ability to learn and grow physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally our entire lives – so, ask yourself, ‘Am I holding myself back?’ and if the answer is ‘Yes’, then choose to override that self-doubt and go for it!

What’s the worst that can happen? (I’ll tell you after my run)

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    Photo by BBC documentary The Pacemakers + Radio Times


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