Sunday, October 25, 2020

Sponsor a Suburb Profile Exclusively

Are you ready to get targeted traffic, direct to your email or phone, from clients interested in your services, where you are?

Why not Sponsor a Suburb Profile like this one in your area?

Aged Care Weekly’s new Aged Care Friendly Suburb Profiles identify the key information relevant to people seeking retirement or aged care friendly suburbs. using these pages, visitors can easily identify key information. In fact, we cover everything from public transport to public safety, hospital access to lifestyle options. Better still, it’s all in a single, easy to use page. Further, we include maps, images and weekly blog posts specific to the area. This keeps our visitors engaged. That way, they get up to date information on what’s going on in their preferred suburbs. Better still, you get to highlight your services.

Benefits to Sponsors

As an Aged Care Friendly Suburb Profile Sponsor your benefits include:

  1. Exclusivity for that suburb – no one else will be able to sponsor a page for that suburb on ACW whilst you are an active sponsor.
  2. A Prominent Banner Advert linking to your website at the top of the page (see images at bottom of this page)
  3. A further double size advertisement at the bottom of the page
  4. Followed by a paragraph of information about your service/products
  5. Followed by a further 4 image blocks featuring your key services/products and linking to pages of your choice
  6. A free weekly SEO optimised blog article specific to the area, driving weekly traffic to the page and promoted on all our social media sites
  7. You (exclusively) are authorised to share that blog content on your own website and social media as if it were your own (without having to research or write it)
  8. Plus, the page features a contact form that goes straight to you

The net result is that visitors are encouraged to contact you for your services. It’s a great way to support the local community whilst helping people in your area, looking for your services, find you.

Cost to Sponsor

Sponsoring a page is incredibly affordable and covers a 4 week period, with no lock-in period. We even create all your sponsor banners and standard visual content for you for free. Please contact us to Sponsor a Suburb Profile.

Contact us to discuss booking and multiple listings

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