Aged Care Homes Explained

Aged Care Homes
Aged Care Homes

Aged Care Homes Explained

Aged Care Homes are also sometimes called Nursing Homes. As people age, they sometimes find coping with looking after themselves and their homes more difficult. Furthermore, transport may become a problem, as well as shopping. This can also lead to isolation and loneliness if they live alone.

Upon reflection they might decide that it is time to move into an aged care home to receive help and support. The two options are to move on a permanent basis, or for a short stay which is called residential respite.

This consideration may arise as the aftermath of an illness, a recent disability or an emergency. It may also be due to the situation within their own family or their current carer.

How aged care homes operate

In aged care homes, there is a variety of staff available to help the residents. Moreover, this help includes day-to-day tasks such as cleaning, cooking and laundry. Further, staff members can assist with dressing, grooming and going to the toilet. Also, they offer 24 hour nursing care. Included are things such as wound care and catheter care.

Aged care homes must be owned and run by people who have been approved by the Australian government. Without this approval they cannot accept clients. Therefore, this system ensures that all members of the ageing population can access quality care when necessary.

Should you move into an aged care home?

Are you considering moving into an aged care or nursing home? You may find the decision making process stressful. Furthermore, emotionally you may be resisting the change. Perhaps it is stirring up feelings of uncertainty about the future. After all moving into care will certainly involve new routines, a new environment and new people. The best solution is to read about it and educate yourself about what this will involve. As you begin to understand what to expect, it will hopefully alleviate your fears and help you to make that big decision.

If you would like to talk to someone about all the available options, please telephone My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit


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