Aged care quality review extended


15th August 2017 – Aged Care Quality Review Extended

The Review of National Aged Care Quality Regulatory Processes has been extended. Furthermore, a large amount of feedback and suggestions were received. In fact, Minister Wyatt granted the independent reviewers an extra four weeks. Consequently, the report is now due by 29 September 2017.

Reasons for the review

This review was set up in response to the Oakden Report. Beginning with an investigation by the ABC Radio National programme. Furthermore, the programme was in response to families’ complaints. As reported by the ABC investigation into claims of mistreatment at the Oakden facility, families claimed their loved ones were being mistreated at the Oakden facility in South Australia.

The report highlighted failures in the quality of care delivered at the Oakden Older Persons Mental Health Service in South Australia.  Further, South Australia’s Chief Psychiatrist found a number of alarming points of evidence. Such as:

  • Systemic elder abuse and neglect.
  • A staff culture of cover-up.
  • Poor clinical governance.
  • An archaic mental health system.
  • The use of restraints considered ‘far in excess of similar services around the country’.
  • The State Government had under resourced the facility.
  • The State Government had ignored multiple warning signs of quality issues for over a decade.

The report identified these system making long-standing failures in the Makk and McLeay wards.

The review leaders

The review is being led by Ms. Kate Carnell AO. Ms Carnell is a veteran public administrator and regulator. She is acting in conjunction with Professor Ron Paterson ONZM. Furthermore, Prof Paterson is an international expert on patients’ rights, complaints, health care quality and the regulation of healthcare professions.

Reasons for the extension

The extension was made necessary by the large volume of information gathered through the consultation process. Including over 400 submissions, 39 meetings with key stakeholders and three consumer forums. This information will help the reviewers to identify several key opportunities. Foremost, the improvement of regulatory processes. It is hoped the outcome will ensure people in aged care homes are safe, well cared for and enjoy a good quality of life.


Most residential aged care facilities have provided high standards of care for the elderly. Furthermore, regulatory processes were established by Commonwealth legislation. Including aged care accreditation, monitoring, review, investigation and complaint processes.

For information on the review, visit the department’s website at:

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