Aged Care Royal Commission is told of lack of equipment and shared incontinence pads

aged care royal commissioners
aged care royal commissioners

More shocking claims have been Made at the Aged Care Royal Commission in Adelaide. Paul’s Versteege, Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association NSW’ Policy Manager, has added to the list of shocking claims being presented to the aged care royal commission in Adelaide.

Money management flawed

These include claims of money being withheld that the required for equipment. Further, he claimed that rationing of incontinence pants was a common occurrence.

“It’s quite common for continence pads to be rationed”, be told the hearing. “Obviously the skin of older people’s dinner and compromise much more easily if I continence pads soaked and has faecal matter in it and is in contact with the skin if you keep that up for awhile that is life-threatening.”

it can lead to depression

He went on to make claims that seniors in some nursing homes were not been provided with basic equipment such as wheelchairs. Similarly, some were being given one that they could not operate or that was the wrong size.

“If you get the wrong wheelchair and you’re stuck in it and depend on it for your mobility, it can lead to depression, because you can’t get anywhere if you are frail”.

Personal Carer perspective

The commission also heard from Honorine Dowie, a former personal carer & nurse from regional Victoria.

“We wanted a particular shower chair (with a special lifter) for this resident. When I asked, I was told ‘no we can’t afford it’,” she said. “We couldn’t give her a proper bed bath, because of her hips and her condition. You couldn’t give her a proper hair wash.”

Dowie says that when she pushed the management on the issue she was asked, ‘What warrants us spending that kind of money on one chair when we have 59 other residents’?

Dowie claims, “I just got up said “it’s called human decency … if you can’t see that, this place is going to hell.”


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