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Media Release 12 December 2020


All aged care providers should submit their online and paper claims to Services Australia as soon as possible to ensure prompt processing.

If claim forms have missing or incorrect details, Services Australia will return them for corrections, delaying processing. Reduce delays by confirming details before submitting your claim for payment.

Advance payments for December 2020 and January 2021

Services Australia will issue advance payments for residential care and home care services on these dates:

  • December 2020 advance was calculated on 30 November for payment from 2 December 2020
  • January 2021 advance will be calculated on 18 December for payment from 22 December 2020

Note: Delays of one to three days may occur as funds move between financial institutions.

Submit your November 2020 claim to Services Australia as soon as possible to allow for processing time for the January 2021 advance payment.

Important message for home care providers

The January 2021 advance payment from 22 December 2020 will be the last advance paid for the Home Care Packages Program pending the passage of legislation to introduce the Improved Payment Administration arrangements in home care.

In February 2021 there will be no advance payment for Home Care Package providers. Providers should continue to submit monthly claims as usual. However, from March 2021, providers will receive February claim entitlements once the claim for February has been submitted and processed by Services Australia.

In preparation for this change home care providers should ensure all their claims are up to date with Services Australia to help ensure a smooth transition.

Call Services Australia on 1800 195 206 if you have any enquiries.

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