Free 3-Week Course on Dementia & Caring

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New, free 3-week course on Dementia and caring

Alfred Health Carer Services and Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria will be hosting a three week course. The target audience is carers. They might be hired, family members or friends supporting someone who is living with dementia. Also, anyone who may be struggling with the impact on their life and relationships resulting from this diagnosis.

Dementia and caring is a community concern. Furthermore, more and more people are being diagnosed with this condition.

Key Details:

  • The dates are August 16 and 23rd
  • The venue is Classic Residences Brighton East
  • The time is 10 AM a.m. to 2 PM.
  • Attendance is free.
  • Details and RSVP: or
  • For further details please telephone 9076-6150

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Program

If you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage, they also have an Aboriginal Access and Support Program to provide assistance. The service supports the unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander carers, families and the community who might be experiencing memory loss. This program takes into account younger people experiencing memory loss, or those with more than one carer.

Importantly, they work with local service providers and Elders in a way that is respectful of cultural needs. Some of the services they offer (as listed on the dedicated Torres Strait and Aboriginal Services page on the Alfred Health Carer Services website) include:

  • Working with culturally safe services
  • Educating our own staff on supporting families with different cultural needs
  • Assisting before, during and after a diagnosis of dementia
  • Organising and advising on help at home
  • Providing information on the behaviours associated with memory loss
  • Providing advice on availability of services including what they can do and any costs involved
  • Hosting an annual Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander retreat to share information and give carers a break.

You can learn more about this free 3 day event on the Carer South website, or call the Alfred Health Carer Services Help line on 1800-052-222

Useful inks:

  • Alfred Health Carer Services Help line: 1800-052-222


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