Reminder: IPC lead training and reporting

22 March 2021

Residential aged care facilities (including MPS and NATSIFACP services) are required to have Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) leads in each residential aged care facility.

As a part of this ongoing requirement, IPC leads must be appropriately trained. This includes completing:

  • our COVID-19 infection control online training modules, specifically:
    • Infection Control Training – COVID-19
    • all aged care modules, except 2.2 or 9.2 which relate to home care
  • a suitable specialist IPC training course (if the IPC lead does not have suitable existing qualifications).

Providers are expected to support IPC leads to quickly complete this training, including through appropriate study leave.

Providers need to report all training information to the department. Residential and MPS providers should report through the My Aged Care provider portal and keep the information up to date. This means confirming completion of both the online modules by ticking ‘Yes’ and changing the completion status of the specialist training to ‘Completed’ once the IPC lead has submitted the coursework and assessments. NATSIFAC providers need to report using the IPC lead notification form.

For further information on IPC leads visit the department’s website.

Department of Health

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